Gietburg b.v.

Welcome to Gietburg B.V. Gietburg supplies customers from the trucking, engine and agricultural industry with high-end cast-iron components. As Tier 1 we take care of the entire process from development to delivery of ready-to-use end components.

Gietburg B.V. as a dynamic partner

Gietburg likes to contribute to the development process of new castings by joining the development and R&D departments of our customers at the start of said process. We offer advice and explore options with our customers as to the many (im)possibilities within the casting process. This way, our customer is involved early on in the developing process which enables in depth discussions. By utilizing the know-how and possibilities of Gieterij Doesburg, the high-tech machinery of Doesburg Components in Nieuw-Bergen and our engineers at Gietburg B.V. we offer our customers an all-in package which results in an ideal end product.

Projects from A to Z

Many years of experience and the practice of joining our customers at an early stage (ESI = early supplier involvement) allow us to anticipate,  which casting should be developed to get the best result during the functional analysis. Our expertise, especially in the field of casting high-quality components, enables us to offer our customer individual advice.

During the prototype stage Gietburg B.V.’s project engineers further develop the casting and make it ready for production by using casting simulation computer programs. The following step is production of the casting at Gieterij Doesburg or one of the other foundries it has been working with for years. Once this is done, the final processing is executed by Doesburg Components or another processor.

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