Gietburg Academy

The Gietburg Academy is the Know-how and Training Centre of Gietburg B.V. and is located in Duiven. The Academy trains new employees to become a project engineer by means of coaching on the job. This enables the new employee to get to know all the ins and outs of the casting and processing of castings.

Our engineering manager teaches new project engineers different skills. Not only in the field of technical know-how but also human aspects such as how to deal with customers and commercial thinking. All relevant facilities are present.

Since many of our castings are not cast in-house but acquired elsewhere, dealing with suppliers is a very important aspect in the Gietburg Academy’s training programme.

Because of our many years of experience and the in-house technical know-how, castings can eventually be developed at the premises of these suppliers. This makes us unique: all our competitors only develop castings which can be produced at their own premises. We think outside the box!

It goes without saying that we use 3D CAD and casting simulation software. We are about to make the step to further integration of existing software and hardware to enable us to make even better designs which will meet the increasingly more complex demands of our customers.